Ultimate Bet

April 6, 2006

UltimateBet.com Downgrade

Poker Room Review is downgrading UltimateBet.com from an A to a B because of ongoing complaints from players all relating to issues that are still unresolved […]
March 20, 2006

UltimateBet.com Update

In an effort to overcome the negative impact created by recent server problems, UltimateBet.com has added money to tournament pots and announced a Million Dollar Freeroll. […]
March 6, 2006

UltimateBet.com Server Problems Update

Ultimate Bet has announced that they should be back to normal by Thursday and players who had fund discrepancies due to the server issues last week […]
March 2, 2006

UltimateBet.com Gaffe, No Prior Notification Given of Server Upgrade

There was a storm of complaint from players when Ultimate Bet upgraded their servers without any prior warning. Tournaments froze, some players reported account balance discrepancies, […]