Poker Room

September 26, 2006

PokerRoom Tournament Cancellation Problem Update

Regarding the player who won a ticket to a $6000 tournament at, only to have the tourney canceled, here is an update. The player has […]
September 22, 2006

PokerRoom Tournament Cancellation Problem

A player complains he earned enough player points to qualify for a freeroll and won a prize of a ticket to a cash tournament with a […]
September 20, 2006

PokerRoom Continues to Have Problems

We have received another round of complaints against online poker room Most of these were a result of recent problems with the server crashing. One […]
September 19, 2006

PokerRoom Auto Fold Problem

Numerous players have reported an auto fold problem at online poker room This involves the automatic folding of a player’s hand with no time delay. […]