Party Poker

April 12, 2006

Bots Discovered on

Poker playing robots were discovered on when a player posted a thread on a forum, alerting others to the unusual play. Soon numerous players joined […]
March 30, 2006

Tournament Player Caught Cheating Apologizes

Justin Bonomo, better known as ZeeJustin, a talented tournament player who exploited a bug in software that allowed him to play using multiple accounts, issued […]
March 18, 2006 Freeze-up experienced multiple freeze-ups, locking tables mid-session, and preventing players from signing in. Those playing on tables that froze were credited the amount they began the […]
March 17, 2006 Rating Downgrade

Party Poker is a well established site with great software, a huge following, and a large number of open tables. However, Poker Room Review continues to […]