April 3, 2006

Cash-Out problems at

A player complained about a cash-out at Royal Card Club, in which he makes a withdrawal, the money leaves his account at the poker site, but […]
March 21, 2006 Cash-out Woes

A player complained mailed a cash-out check to the wrong address, even though he provided them with the correct information, and has owed him money […]
February 21, 2006 On Our to Be Watched List

Though none are currently outstanding, complaints have been made against for slow pay and no pay. This site will only sign up players with Neteller […]
February 20, 2006

Full Tilt Poker Cash out Confusion

A player requested a cash out and Full Tilt automatically credited it to Neteller, even though he had expressly instructed them never to do so, due […]