March 23, 2006

PurePoker.com Update

Players report Pino, a representative of online poker room PurePoker.com, telephoned and offered a payment plan to those left with outstanding balances when former owners deserted […]
March 20, 2006

BayouPoker.com Update

Poker Room Review received this response from Bayou Poker: “The conversion to the new system has caused some delays, backups, and other minor issues and for […]
March 7, 2006

PurePoker.com Update: Back Online, Accounts Still Frozen

Pure Poker is back online, though players report their funds are still inaccessible. This site had problems paying players in the past, became part of the […]
February 25, 2006

PurePoker.com Takes a Dive

Purepoker.com suddenly dropped offline without warning leaving players with cash balances hanging out to dry. One angry and frustrated player complained he had been trying to […]