July 18, 2006

BayouPoker.com Payment Problems Update

Almost all of the complaints we received regarding backlogged cash-outs at BayouPoker.com were cleared last week, though a few more were reported early this week. Poker […]
July 14, 2006

PurePoker.com Settlement Update

Regarding the players whose accounts were locked after the former owners of PurePoker.com drained company funds and went into hiding, here is an update on the […]
July 5, 2006

BayouPoker.com Cash-out Delay Update

Regarding the cash-out backlog at BayouPoker.com, here is an update. Management at Bayou previously stated they were hoping to get all withdrawals cleared by the end […]
June 5, 2006

BayouPoker.com Update

Players involved with attempting to cash-out at BayouPoker.com report not much progress has been made. Some pending cash-outs have cleared, though another complains he has been […]