Tom Dwan Comments on Durrrr Challenges with Antonius, “jungleman12”


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Professional High Stakes Poker Player Tom 'Durrrr' DwanAfter a two-week lull in the Durrrr Challenge, Tom “durrrr” Dwan says that his battles with Patrik Antonius and Dan “jungleman12” Cates will soon resume, and he offered his thoughts on each battle.

Dwan’s battle with Patrik Antonius has not only been a drawn-out affair, but it has been an especially painful one for Antonius. Dwan and his Team Full Tilt teammate have completed nearly 80 percent of their 50,000 hand challenge, with durrrr holding a commanding $2 million lead.

The Durrrr Challenge consists of Dwan and his opponent playing 50,000 hands of No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha at $200/$400 blinds or higher. If either player drops below 75 big blinds, they are required to reload. If Dwan is $500,000 ahead after 50K hands, he wins and pockets $500,000. If Dwan’s opponent leads at the end, he walks away with $1.5 million and the victory.

With only 10,000 hands left, Dwan confidently said, “I’m a pretty big favorite in the first one. [Antonius is] still a really great player and Omaha is a high-variance game, so he has a chance to come back, but I’m definitely a solid favorite at this point.”

While his challenge with jungleman12 isn’t going as well, durrrr remains just as confident. Through 6,820 hands, Cates has a healthy $691,146 lead over Dwan, but durrrr is looking for his chances to cut into the lead of jungleman12. “I played around 10,000 or 15,000 hands versus him before we ever played the Challenge, so I have a pretty good idea how he played,” Dwan said. “Hopefully the next 43,000 hands will go better than the first 7,000.”

The Durrrr Challenge brings additional excitement to the online poker room as railbird flock to watch these top pros on the nosebleed tables at Full Tilt Poker. Dwan doesn’t plan to keep the crowds waiting. “I can’t play in the next three days, but I’d like to play sometime the week after that before the World Series Europe starts,” he said. No matter when it starts, it won’t be soon enough for the eager fans of the Durrrr Challenge.

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