Isildur1 is IN for the Big Game IV


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After revealing last week that they had reached out to the mysterious Swede known as Isildur1, Tony G and Party Poker announced that they had hit the jackpot when Isilidur1 accepted their invitation and will participate in the event. To be held in London from April 11th through 13th, the Big Game is the most popular cash game event held in the United Kingdom and the crown jewel of Party Poker.

The excitement at Party Poker and Matchroom Sport is obvious. Matchroom Sport Managing Director Eddie Hearn said, “It was important to me that Isildur1 made his first major TV appearance on one of our shows. Tony and I have worked hard to ensure this happened and we are delighted to welcome him to the Party Poker Big Game IV. Quite simply, this will be the most hotly anticipated poker show of all time.”

Whether Isildur1 appears in disguise or reveals his identity is still unknown, but what is known is that the reaction of the poker community will be electric. Already a large event in England, the hype surrounding his appearance will multiply the effect. Interest in high-stakes poker soared when the unknown Swede began challenging poker’s elite at the nosebleed tables on Full Tilt Poker. The expectation is that his appearance at the Big Game IV will do the same.

Tony G first made the proposal to Isildur1 in his blog, offering to pay all of his expenses and stake him in the tournament. While the offer was seen as a publicity grab, it has turned into a boon for Party Poker. It is still unknown if Isildur1 will reveal his identity at the event, but Tony G has offered him the use of the famous “Kermit the Frog” suit if he chooses to remain a mystery. Either way, the excitement surrounding the Big Game IV is expected to be incredible as the world awaits the mysterious Swede’s arrival.

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