Poker Pro Phil Laak Breaks World Record


June 5, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

A record-breaking journey that started on Wednesday is moving towards its conclusion as poker player Phil Laak attempts to break the record for the longest continues poker session. Looking to break both the official mark of 72 hours and the unofficial one of over 78 hours, Laak is attempting to play for an amazing 80 hours.

At 12:06pm Las Vegas time, Laak powered through the official record. After about thirty drowsy minutes where he complained his eyelids were trying to involuntarily close, he got a second wind and announced, “It’s official. I broke Larry Olmsted’s record of 72 hours 2 minutes. Next one to go. Paul Zimbler’s of 78 hours 45 minutes.”

Taking off the first week of the World Series of Poker, Laak decided to pursue the record during the tournament. “I wanted to just do it when I knew there would be games. I needed people around because you need that energy when you do long sessions,” he stated.

He continued by saying, “I didn’t think I was playing the $50K anyways. I’ve always wanted to do it and the record is going to get more and more difficult as time goes on. If I didn’t do it now, I couldn’t do it in five years because I’d be an older man and the record would be longer.”

With all of the exciting stories at the WSOP, Phil Laak’s endurance record is definitely one of the tops. By 8:06pm in Las Vegas, he will be ready to capture his record and probably a few Z’s.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Laak is always in the spotlight. I say he should go for more than 115 hour, how about you?


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