World Series of Poker Cheater Caught On Tape


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The World Series of Poker is abuzz over the permanent removal of one player from WSOP play. He was accused of cheating and with the infraction having been recorded on video tape, was escorted from the Rio Casino and permanently banned from WSOP competition. With that announcement, is anyone surprised that folks cheat at poker?

Cheating at poker has been going on ever since poker was invented. Typically cheating occurs in “friendly” games where the deal is passed around or where the cheat works with an accomplice. There are a number of methods to cheat that require skill as well as the opportunity to stack the deck, deal from the top and the bottom of the deck, etc.

Stacking the deck to guarantee a good hand does not help if no one else bets so a common method of stacking the deck is to do so in such a way as to give oneself the best hand and give the “target” a good hand. The target stays in the game but loses to the cheat in what is called a double duke.

Simpler methods, at which the alleged cheat at WSOP was apparently familiar, don’t require skill, just nerve. Shorting the pot or volunteering to count and distribute the pot give the cheat an opportunity to “mistakenly” take a chip or two.

The problem, for the cheat, in big name events is that these events have dealers, the decks are clean, and the casinos have cameras! Such was the case this weekend at the World Series of Poker when the alleged cheat reached a little too wide to pull in the pot, and more.

According the witnesses it was at the end of level 2 of the $1,000 NHLE Event 3 when a twenty minute break was announced. At one table, only two players were still active in the game, and the others left. When the alleged cheat won the pot he reached out with one hand to pull in the pot and reached to the side with the other to rake in the chips of his neighbor, who had gone on break. When the tournament officials reviewed the tape it was obvious what happened. The cheat was escorted from the premises and told that he was permanently banned from WSOP play.

What goes through a guy’s mind when he is playing in the big time? Could it be that he wants to last as long as possible to gain a share of the prize money? Could it be that he dreams of playing head or head for a coveted gold bracelet? Or, could it be that he dreams of stealing the chips from his neighbor’s stack? Kind of sad, isn’t it?

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