PokerStars Promotes Hypoxic Poker, Texas Hold’em on Mount Everest


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PokerStars is climbing to new heights with its sponsorship of the poker playing brothers, Damien and Guillermo “Willie” Benegas in their attempt to climb the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. The Benegas twins come from Patagonia, where they learned technical climbing in the “Rocky Mountains” of Argentina in their youth. Along with being world-class technical climbers, the brothers are poker players. What else do you do on those long, cold nights on the mountain? Now they plan to climb Everest, playing poker along the way and at the summit! They hope to claim the record for the highest altitude (land) poker game ever played.

These men are accomplished climbers who moved to the USA at age 21 and attacked the granite walls of Yosemite Valley (El Capitan 40 times). Guillermo accomplished the first ascent of Trango Tower in Pakistan and has led seven ascents of Mount Everest. As part of the run up to the expedition, PokerStars is hosting an online tournament on Sunday, May 30 at 6 pm Eastern time. The prize for this $1.10 buy-in event will be an all expense paid opportunity to play poker with the Benegas brothers at their base camp at over 17,000 feet.

All of this gives rise to some serious questions, depending upon which side of Everest one chooses climb. Is Gambling legal in Tibet, Nepal, or China? Will PokerStars open a casino in Lhasa? Just what did Buddha say about betting pre-flop? For that matter, from the Chinese side, what did Chairman Mao have to say about that tool of Western Imperialism, Texas Hold’em?

All kidding aside, the brothers are two of the world’s most respected and experienced mountain climbers and are raising money for a foundation to help keep Everest free of accumulating litter. PokerStars has pledged $5,000 to this worthy cause.

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