Bwin Poker Takes on the World Cup


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In just about every country outside of the United States of America, soccer is an enormous event. This time of year it is especially true as teams prepare to head for South Africa for the World Cup Soccer tournament. Skill, determination and national pride are on a collision course, with only one champion. The same is true in poker, and Bwin is setting up the ultimate global competition with a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool and a chance for players to show off their skills in their own World Cup Warm-Up.

There is going to be two weeks of excitement as players battle to make it into the thrilling and profitable tournament. While a lot of people will want to be crowned champ, only one will get there by fighting his or her way to the top. Bwin will hold four World Cup Warm-Up semi-finals, taking place at 8:00pm GMT+1 on May 25th, May 27th, June 1st and June 3rd.

Qualifying for this event will be as follows. Players will be divided into eight different qualifying groups (A to H), with each group representing a different geographic region. Each group will have four different qualifiers, held on the dates listed above. Win a qualifier, and get a ticket to the Final, plus the cash from the semi-final. Players that win more ticket will only qualify once for the Final.

The ultimate showdown happens when the World Cup Warm-up Final is held on June 5th at 8:00pm GMT +1, and will have a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool. For players that love the thrill of the World Cup, it’s time to paint their faces, put on their team colors and get ready to do battle in the World Cup Warm-up at Bwin Poker.

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