Mike Matusow Naked On The Vegas Strip


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2010 has been shaping up to be the Year of the Women in professional poker with some big wins by female players so far. Liv Boeree takes down the EPT San Remo, Vanessa Selbst wins the NAPT Mohegan Sun and Annie Duke tops the NBC National Heads Up Championship. That’s all well and good, but what does any of it have to do with Mike “The Mouth” Matusow?  Funny you should ask.

On a recent episode of the UB.com sponsored Poker2Nite, co-host Scott Huff asked guest Matusow if he thought this was indeed the year of the woman and where he would place the over/under on number of WSOP bracelets won by female players in 2010. Claiming that WSOP Vice-President Ty Stewart has placed the over/under at 3 bracelets won by women, Huff cornered Matusow for his prediction.

In typical fashion, “The Mouth” downplayed the achievements of the aforementioned women: “Let’s analyze the hands that all these people get their money in on and then miracles roll off. C’mon man…Liv Boeree opened with seven-deuce offsuit, was up against Aces, hits runner-whatever…”. After denigrating the winning efforts by the year’s top women, Matusow eventually forecast an over/under of one-half for the total 2010 WSOP bracelets won by women.

Poker2Nite co-host Joe Sebok, seemingly eager to jump in on this prop, shot back, “So one bracelet would win that bet?”; at which point Matusow promised, “If three women win a bracelet at the World Series of Poker, I’ll run naked down The Strip with a camera behind me.” Apparently wanting in on that action himself, Huff replied, “And that’s a freeroll?  I don’t have to put up anything?  I don’t have to come and watch?”

So there it is folks. If three or more women players take bracelets at this year’s World Series of Poker, Mike “The Mouth” Matusow will shed all of his clothes and provide the patrons on the Las Vegas Strip with a show rivaling the Bellagio fountains or the Mirage volcano display. Mike Matusow … naked … running … oh the humanity!

Do we think Matusow is crazy? Crazy hell … show ‘em your nuts, Mike!

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