Full Tilt Poker’s Patrik Antonius Erases Big 2010 Losses


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In what will likely be the most impressive turnaround experienced this year, Full Tilt Poker pro Patrik Antonius has wiped out a massive downswing in his poker bankroll in just about six week. A seasoned vet of online poker, Antonius has enjoyed a reversal of nearly $4 million dollars, bringing his early $3.6 million year to date deficit back into the black.

Consistently one of the premier online players in high-stakes poker, Antonius had a banner year in 2009, walking away with a profit of nearly $9 million from the tables at Full Tilt Poker. He participated in a number of the biggest hands in the history of the game during his battles with Isildur1 and others.

From January 1st to March 15th of this year, however, the tables were not so kind to Antonius, dealing him a mounting loss of just over $3.6 million. At that time, he had the largest drop for the year of any player at the online card room, nearly $1.5 million more than second place Brian Townsend’s $2.14 million.

Starting in the middle of March, Antonius resumed his run as one of online poker’s dominant players. In just six weeks, he turned a $3.6 million deficit into a profit of over $500,000, making an amazing turnaround of nearly $4.1 million during that short span.

Through May 3rd, the highs and lows of online poker at Full Tilt shake out like this:

The Highs (top winners and their total winnings to date)

  1. durrrr” – $3.8 million
  2. “Urindanger” – $1.86 million
  3. “PostFlopAction” – $1.68 million
  4. Phil Ivey – $1.62 million
  5. “theASHMAN103″ – $1.6 million

The Lows (top losers and their total losses to date)

  1. Brian Townsend – $2.2 million
  2. “Matatuk” – $1.49 million
  3. “ZeeJustin” – $1.33 million
  4. Richard Ashby – $1.2 million
  5. “howisitfeellike” – $917k
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