No Peeking at Poker Academy Boot Camp


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Young Norwegian player Annette Obrestad, the career money leader from Norway at only 21 years-old, will attempt to repeat her famed “no look” performance at the Bluff Europe Poker Academy at the Victoria Casino in London. The Betfair Poker pro will be a part of the camp, also presented by Neil Channing and Nik Persaud from Black Belt Poker, which features discussions on such topics as including variance and bankroll management, analyzing flop textures, and visualizing range equity calculations.

While the camp is already a must-attend for players looking to improve their games, the announcement by Annette_15 adds to the interest. In July 2007, she won a $4 buy-in tournament against a 180-person field where she claimed to have played the entire event while looking at her hole cards only once. She stated that she did this to show, “just how important it is to play position and to pay attention to the players at the table.”

While no video of her accomplishment exists, the hand history from the event suggested that she told the truth. On several occasions during the event, she folded pocket kings and pocket aces, a move that would be highly unlikely for players that knew they were holding them.

With the announcement of Obrestad’s attempt to recreate her amazing feat, the Bluff Europe Poker Academy looks to be a highly anticipated event. Scheduled for May 8th, the camp will be filled with important topics and the inclusion of the Black Belt Poker team, an online training and strategy site, will make it a successful adventure for those who attend.

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