Top 10 Reasons It’s Good to Have Back

Bodog Settles with Patent Trolls
April 21, 2009
$100,000 Bounty Challenge: Beat the Brunsons
April 23, 2009

10. It’s something new to tweet about.

9. Shorter URL means medical claims for Carpal Tunnel will hit an all-time low.

8. The Bodoglife is good, but there’s nothing like a Bodog party.

7. No more patent troll hillbilly dance offs.

6. No more naked SaveBodog girls. Wait… no, scratch that idea.

5. Maybe Paris Hilton will love us again?

4. It’s a lot easier to body paint on a model than

3. Being able to crack the seal on a warehouse full of thongs!

2. Media has something important to talk about again.

1. Knowing President Obama’s new puppy Bo will never have a site as sweet as Priceless.