Texas Dolly Clarifies his Challenge to Play Anyone the Poker Game of His Choice

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March 20, 2009
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March 24, 2009

In the words of the legend Doyle Brunson himself, “There seems to be some confusion so I’ll clarify a few things. First, unless I specify it, any comments I make about poker don’t include internet poker. So when I said I never saw a poker game that I couldn’t beat, I meant 6 or more players sitting down at a table. I don’t mean on the internet where players might be talking on the phone or sending IMs. I don’t care if you find the top 6 or 7 NLH in the world; I believe I can find a way to win.

“Aggression? Anyone who has read Super System knows I invented that way back in the 70’s. These young kids have taken it to a new level. So you have to keep changing your game, just as I had to do after S/S came out.  Nowdays, you have to pick your spots to bluff and you try to trap the over aggressive players. Everyone keeps talking about how tight I play on the TV cash games. If you watch these games closely, you’ll see a lot of the guys, kids mostly, making plays strictly because they are on TV. Any professional poker player would certainly be wrong to shoot it out with the maniac players.

“Another thing that pisses me off is when these ‘know-it-alls’ talk about the old time poker players not being any good. I’d like to see any of the “greats” go back and play Johnny Moss, Pat Renfro, Sailor Roberts, James Roy, Doc Ramsey and a host of other guys that made their living playing NLH. Of course that can’t happen so we’ll never know. I’ve played against both worlds and I think the old guys would chew up these young guns.

“I’m getting old, there is nothing I can do about that, but I’m still willing to play anybody “Doyle Sez”, where I can name the game and change to another game when I want to. If any of the internet stars, that don’t play live, want to play, I’ll give them half their money back if they lose if they play 8 hours a day for a week.

“I can’t back down now.”

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