PokerRoom Check Problems

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March 30, 2007
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April 9, 2007

A player complains he has been waiting for a cash-out check from for over 2 months. He was told by support that it would arrive in 7-20 business days, so he waited a month and contacted them. They replied that it had been processed, so he waited another month and contacted them again. He was told that the check had been sent and that the payments division would look into it. The player is skeptical because PokerRoom had the correct mailing address and he has never had any mail come up missing. PokerRoomReview is looking into this matter.

PokerRoom Check Problems Update

Regarding the player who has been waiting for a check from for two months, here is an update. PokerRoom has informed the player they will cancel the check and return the amount to his account.