Petes Poker Parlor and Team Holdem Poker Go Offline Update

Ultimate Bet Cash-out Problem
August 28, 2006
PrePaidATM Out of Business
August 30, 2006

The following is a status report from Dynamic eGaming regarding the settlement of accounts at and “As of today, Monday August 28, 2006, we have about 25% of the people who submitted their request paid, the reason for the delay is that we have to look through a lot of data to make sure that we have the correct info about the players that have to be refunded and the correct amount, plus we have some players that are submitting a request but turns out that they never made a deposit so it becomes very time consuming when you have to research their accounts only to find that they never made a deposit. None the less we should have over 50% refunded by September 1st 2006.”

PRR strongly advises poker players playing online poker to play at only the highly rated  poker rooms to avoid problems that commonly occur at poorly funded start up poker rooms.