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February 3, 2009
Bodog Payout Processing Speeds Up
February 9, 2009

Players beware, the remnants of the old Futurebet network are actively spamming again, trolling for players who are unaware of their connection to Futurebet, which calls itself iGaming Software or iGaming business dot com. These sites are affiliated with the Merge network, similar to the way Futurebet was connected to Ongame before Ongame booted them off the network for fraudulent activities too numerous to mention here. You can tell if these sites are FB/iGaming because they all use clickca$hier or epayCA$HIER for processing. These sites may have the best of intentions, but with FB/iGaming having anything to do with the money it’s a disaster just waiting to happen. Here is a list of active iGaming sites: