Ongame Software Upgrade Draws Complaints

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June 15, 2009
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June 17, 2009

Ongame recently upgraded their software, yet many players consider it a downgrade. There have been numerous complaints, which were neatly summed up by 2plus2 poster Ragnarok_1er to include:

No waiting list, no mini-tables, rematch button in HU is gone, annoying “small blind” and “big blind” text, annoying circle for the time instead of the old bar or a countdown, cards take 2 hours to deal when people are all in, ridiculous animations when the stack sizes change, antes in HU SnGs, if you put a green/red/yellow dot on somedoby by mistake, you can’t “un-dot” him, the whole screen is ugly, no way to get rid of blackjack/sport bets on top left.

The Ombudsman for Ongame responded to the complaints, and said, in part:

We are happy to inform that Ongame Network has now begun the transitional period into P5 – The Poker Engine. The transitional period successfully started on June 9th.

During this period, as with any software introduction, we expect to encounter a few bumps along the road. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated during and immediately following this transitional phase.

The initial phase of P5 does not include every feature we aim to provide. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have given, and are giving us, constructive feedback. Your feedback enables us to best evaluate which updates are the most pressing from the player perspective.

P5 – The Poker Engine by design will allow us to add features and carry out maintenance in a much more responsive and agile manner. So we are looking at releasing many functional additions continuously.