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Paradise Poker Missing Money Resolved
June 15, 2006 Can’t Pay WSOP Contest Winners Entry Fees Update
June 20, 2006

Poker Room Review received the following communication from the new management of PowerPlayer: “ has recently taken possession of and along with it, a very large number of problems . . . the support emails . . . were absolutely appalling in both number and content. Every complaint is being taken with the utmost gravity and will be addressed as soon as possible. This may not be as soon as any of us would like, but restructuring is always a disorderly process under the best of circumstances. Everyone who is owed money will get it . . . We are working with Ongame to work out the network issues and hope to be back up and running at full capacity in a few days. Lastly, we are doing some heavy thinking about how to make up for all of this mess to our players.”