Kentucky Domain Seizure Case Decision Appealed

Court Strikes Down Beshear
January 21, 2009
Can Kramer Be Far Behind?
January 22, 2009

We hardly had time to celebrate properly when, as expected, thickheaded Governor Beshear had his staff file an appeal of the Kentucky Court of Appeals 2-1 ruling, striking down a lower court decision allowing Beshear’s administration to take control of 141 online gambling web sites.

John Pappas, executive director of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), had this to say:

“Kentucky residents should be outraged that the Commonwealth is investing another minute of time and another dollar of scarce resources in this quixotic case. The appeals court’s sound rejection of the Commonwealth’s case should have ended this legal debacle in its tracks. Unfortunately, the Governor and the hired-gun attorneys want to drag their ultimate defeat to another venue at the expense of Internet freedom and the rights of law-abiding Kentucky poker players.”