Joe Sebok Cleaning Up at UltimateBet

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September 23, 2009
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September 28, 2009

After being approached at one point by Annie Duke about the possibility of signing a sponsorship deal with UltimateBet, poker pro Joe Sebok flatly refused, issuing strong concerns about the way in which UB’s super-user scandal had been handled. However, over the course of future discussions with Duke and UB president Paul Leggett, as well as face-to-face meetings with all departments, Sebok decided to partner with UltimateBet under two conditions.

First, Sebok insisted that he would not be a PR mouthpiece for UB with regards to the past scandal. In fact, he was adamant that he’d be the first to blow the whistle should any future missteps go down at UB. Secondly, he was firm in his demand that he be more than just a sponsored player – he had to have an operational role that allowed him direct involvement in UltimateBet’s policies and procedures.

Upon joining the UB team, Sebok, stepson of poker pro Barry Greenstein, made it his first priority to cleanup all remnants of the old scandal by seeing that all hand histories associated with the super-user fiasco were released AND that the actual names of the individuals involved were made public.

It appears that Joe isn’t wasting any time. As posted on his blog at, the release of the hand histories related to the scandal is now underway. All historical requests are being addressed first. Players are advised to send hand history requests to [email protected] and Sebok advises that it won’t hurt for those who’ve previously issued a request to send another related email just to make sure they’re taken care of.

We look forward to seeing how well UltimateBet finally manages the task of clearing up this mess and applaud both Sebok and the new UB management for taking the steps to restore player confidence and bring the names of the guilty parties to light.