CardRunner’s Manager Suspended at Full Tilt for Multi-Accounting

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August 28, 2008
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September 1, 2008

Brian ‘sbrugby’ Townsend, ‘Team CardRunners’ Pro and current manager, has had his ‘red pro’ status suspended by for creating multiple accounts at not only at Full Tilt, but PokerStars as well. His actions were not only intentionally deceitful, but against the policies of every reputable online poker site. Though it had been circulating as a rumor for months, Townsend finally admitted using the aliases in his CR blog, and claimed the reason for doing this was his embarrassment over playing at lower limits. To make amends, Townsend was forced to donate $25,000 “to a charity to be determined in the future,” by the management of CardRunners, according to Lee Jones, former manager of PokerStars.

In a thread on the popular poker forum 2+2, Townsend made himself available to answer questions from posters, such as why he waited so long to make the admission. His reply was that he wanted to discuss the situation and decide the right thing to do with all parties involved before he made any statement, feeling that was only fair to Full Tilt and CardRunners. Yet, when another poster asked if he would have stopped if no one had caught him, he replied, “No I would not have been forth coming. I was naive and thought this would all blow over.”

Some comments to his blog post:

“you get HANDED a gig where you get 100% RB, and \$35 an hour on full tilt – and, become a representative of a company. You know how many people would kill for that deal? In return, you expressly breach your contract, misrepresent yourself, and make a mockery out of full tilt. I’m sure Howard would be proud.” JediPokerTrix

“For those of us who grind it out in the poker world trying to move up using such tools as Cardrunners this truly dishonors us. This makes a mockery of cardrunners and those that believed the new breed of pro’s truly earned their way to the top. Having multiple accounts increases the odds of collusion by 90%. You all built your rolls on PartyPoker, and now it has to be in question as to whether the rise to the top was legit. I now unquestionably have doubts.

This has nothing to do with the opinion of style or videos. This has to do with integrity. I employ over 20 journalists and our integrity is the MOST valuable asset that we have.

Only you know the real story and either way you have to deal with the truth on your own terms.

I only hope you have learned something positive.”

“Im paying you guys to try and become a better player so that I can play in the games that you were fleecing. 25K is about 1 buy in for some of the games you were playing. Months of playing under those names, and you think this makes it right? The only reason this all came to light was because you were exposed on 2+2 – its not like you came clean because of the guilt you felt – you got caught – and thats why you stopped….and now its damage control time.”

Following is the full, unedited text of Brian Townsend’s apology as posted on his blog:

For the past 6 months I have been playing under the 2nd aliases Stellarnebula on FTP and makersmark66 on PokerStars. I have not used the aba20 account on Stars since I began playing on the Makersmark66 account. I have since gone back to using the aba20 account and will play only that account. During this time I played the 25/50 and 100/200 PLO games. I played under the Stellarnebula account from February until the end of June at which time Lee Jones and I had a discussion and we came to an agreement that I needed to close it. During this time I was playing under the Brian Townsend account

never at the same table with the Stellarnebula. Under the Stellarnebula account I played 25/50, 50/100, and 100/200 PLO. During this time I played a very small amount of 50/100 PLO and primarily 200/400 PLO under the Brian Townsend account.

I wanted to have come forward and make this public sooner, but unfortunately because of certain business relationships I could not do that. What I did was wrong and I am going to be punished by FullTilt poker by having my red pro status revoked for 6 months. I am unsure what action, if any, PokerStars will take.

I have also hurt those that I work closely with primarily at CardRunners but also at FullTilt. To compensate those that were hurt by my actions I am going to be donating 25,000 dollars to a charity to be determined in the future. This money will be removed from my CardRunners distributions. This is by no means me making my actions correct but I hope that it shows some good faith towards those that I work closely with. I am very proud of CardRunners; we are doing something very special.

My first reaction when this occurred was to go hide under a rock. I am not going to do that and I will answer any questions that are asked of me. I feel that I have nothing to hide. If you wish to interview me on this subject please email [email protected] and we can set something up. I will also be answering questions in not only the CardRunners forum, but the 2+2 forum as well. I will not be hiding from anyone or any questions.

Those are the pertinent facts. The reason why I created these accounts was because I enjoy anonymity when playing smaller and am very prideful in what I do. The past two years I have made a lot of money playing poker. This year I have been breakeven. For me it’s correct to play smaller when things aren’t going well. I have never played poker for the money; it has always been a byproduct of my play. Whatever I do I want to be the best at it. For me playing the 200/400 PLO games was not the right thing to do because my results haven’t been good. I think I am a winner in those games and I intend to prove to myself that I am one of the best poker players in the world. I believe what it takes is an incredible amount of focus and work to accomplish this goal. I intend to work harder than anyone to prove this, because I have not been playing my best for the past year. I have something to prove to myself.

I have removed what I have online and left myself with 100K. From here I am going to play 25/50 PLO until I have 200K then 50/100 until I have 400K online then 100/200 until I have 800K online. From there I will play 200/400. If things don’t go well when I first move up I will move back down and rinse and repeat until I am at the 200/400 PLO games.

I used to think that playing 25/50, 50/100, and 100/200 was a failure because I wasn’t playing the largest limits. I am smart enough to move down when things aren’t going well; I was just too prideful to make it public.

Along with this I plan on continuing managing CardRunners and create the best poker instructional videos. I have put a lot of effort into my past videos and I want my partners to know that effort will continue, as well as the effort I put into running the company.

I hope that people can look to me and not only learn about poker and bankroll management, but also how to do the right thing and be a good person. Poker isn’t about luck or how you are running. It’s about the work and effort that you put into it. I have not had good results this year because of my poor play and lack of focus, not because I have run below expectation. I want to prove that to everyone. If you follow my play as I move up you will see the trials and tribulations that I face. There will be days of intense frustration and times when I will doubt my game. But I know that with hard work I can accomplish the goal I am setting.

I hope that people can not only look to me for poker education but also for the way to live their lives. I made a mistake and I am willing to take responsibility for it. I am willing to stand up and face the music. I apologize to entire the online community. I will never partake in this type of activity in the future. This post should act as a full admission of my guilt, and I sincerely apologize to anyone that I’ve wronged.